Pastor's Note

As you look around our site, I hope that you see something that will interest you. At NLC you will find a group of imperfect people who are learning to live in an imperfect world while serving, and growing in relationship with a perfect God.

If you are looking for a place to worship Sunday I invite you to be my guest. Come between 9:45-10 and enjoy a cup of coffee and get to know some people who call NLC home. Our Worship Experience will start at 10 AM and I can guarantee this - you will find a casual atmosphere with friendly people, awesome KidsLife for your children, & inspired music with a Bible-based message. The worship will include music, scripture and a message based upon the Bible with real life application. After about an hour, we will dismiss for a short time of fellowship followed by Small Group gatherings throughout the building. Groups are offered for all ages with a variety of topics. Try one or try them all. Hope to see you Sunday!

You are loved,

Pastor Jack