About Us


The best way to describe it is casual, comfortable, relaxing, just an enjoyable time. We really like building relationships at NLC so you will experience people from all walks of life just spending time together. We are all on the same journey called life and we like sharing in that journey with other people. If you're considering visiting NLC we know that trying out a new church can be a little weird and maybe a bit frightening. You never know what you might find - right? The information here might help. When you drop in you will notice that NLC is a small church. That's not good or bad, it's just who we are presently. We are small enough to give you the opportunity to meet people, yet there are enough people here so you won't feel like everyone is looking at you. You will see young families, kids, teenagers, middle-agers and some who have been blessed with the opportunity to live longer and have lots of real life experiences. You will see that most people feel comfortable in jeans, t's, and causal type clothes but there may also be some that like ties, dressy stuff. We don't really care what you wear but....socks with sandals might be pushing it a bit. Hopefully this information will help you but please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more. We love sitting and meeting new people over a cup of coffee.


We feel fortunate to gather and worship where we do. The Historic Flour Mill has lots of history dating back over 120+ years in McKinney. In The Mill we are surrounded by simple, yet profound elements of architecture. Massive wood beams, solid wood floors, vintage fixtures and more. When we come to worship we work to create a space for people to encounter God and each other. We believe that worship involves more than just lights, smoke, huge sound systems (all of which are okay), but worship also involves our senses as we come into the presence of God. We experiment with various senses to help us remember that we encounter God as a complete person, not just a part. There’s a safe space for your little ones in the staffed nursery and for school-age kids in the kid’s church. If you want your kids with you as we worship, please feel free to do so. We just want you to know there are places where your children will be safe and secure surrounded by people who will love them, if you choose to use them.


As humans, symbols have huge meanings in our lives. You might notice that our chairs are set in a sort of semi-circle pattern. That is so we can see one another when we worship God. That serves to remind us that we are truly connected one to another and that our faith is not to be lived out as only a private matter. We focus on Jesus Christ, His cross, the partaking of the bread and cup in communion, and other symbols that remind of of why we really are here. Speakers, musicians and singers are not up on a stage above others, but rather speak or lead from the ground. We don’t have any “super-Christians” at NLC and we want everyone to be an equal part of the community. Sometimes we sit around tables during worship much like a family does at home. This allows us time to talk, retell our stories and discuss what is being taught that day. We believe that the Gospel of Christ isn’t just proclaimed to gather information, but rather it is to have a transformative effect on the hearers as we encounter God together. When we partake of communion together we are once again reminded of the sacrifice that Jesus willingly made for each of us and through communion we enter into the full life of Christ. We usually close our worship gathering with a benediction. The benediction is to remind us that we are sent into the world to serve as salt and light and to participate in the building of God’s Kingdom.


Music is a huge deal in our culture. We all have our favorite songs, musicians and musical styles. At NLC we try to use music that will not require you to disengage from the music and style you enjoy. With that said, our music is designed to lift Christ and to draw us to Him. You can sing along with the musicians or you can just listen and let the music speak to you. Our songs are intended to glorify God and to engage the listener. We include hymns of the church, current worship music, and even songs that you might have listened to during the week. The goal of our music is to allow us to reach the heart of God rather than to entertain.


When we gather to worship at NLC, we tell and re-tell the story of God and pray that we can all see where we fit in that story. We read the scripture and talk about what it might have meant to the writers and how it can impact our lives today. The intent of our teaching is not to present a lecture or try to educate the listeners, but rather to draw us into the story of God and to help us discover what it really means to be a follower of Christ.


Jesus talked about money often as he taught about the priorities of our hearts. At NLC we try to discover what it means to follow Jesus in every area of life, including finances. You will never be coerced to give, but you will have the opportunity to worship God through giving of your resources. As a guest we never want you to feel obligated in any way to give. Our hope is that any and all gifts that are offered to God will come from grateful hearts responding as an act of worship. Offering baskets are placed on the tables at the back of the worship area for anyone desiring to give.


Then you fit right in. You will find at NLC that there are no perfect people. We all have areas of our lives that need work. Honestly, if your life doesn’t have some mess, we aren’t sure we have much to offer. The NLC family desires to be a part of the clean-up process in everyone’s life